Landclass- The raison d'etre for the VLC project was the Landclass....but this just isn't any old landclass! Where other landclass products are limited to an accuracy of over 1 kilometer, our innovative Vector Land Class system is accurate to within about 50m, or 20 times the accuracy of traditional methods!

Beaches (Black or tan sand), Mud, Golf courses, mangroves, quarries and landfills, native bush, scattered scrub, thick scrub, Pine forest, Harvested pine forest, Other plantation forest (including major shelter-belts), Rock, Moraine and shingle, Horse tracks, Ice and Snow, Vineyards and Orchards as well as urban and suburban areas all meticulously displayed in FSX. Not only that but we separate productive land into different textures based on slope and type and include the thousands of small rural airstrips scattered around the country.

To top it off, we include replacement key ground textures crafted from New Zealand sourced Aerial imagery. These feature VLC's unique blue scatter processing so that terrain at larger view distances appears bluer similar to actual atmospheric phenomena. Custom textures are annotated with replacement autogen placement and vegetation textures to ensure unique New Zealand flora is portrayed accurately.

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